Sponsorship Team

The Sponsorship Team is responsible for solving financial issues by generating sponsorships for Sankalp. It reaches out to various companies, institutions, private firms, etc. to get the required finance or help. Its duty is to maintain the list of potential doners and to establish contact with them from time to time. Managing donations other than money such as books, stationary, clothes, etc. also come under sponsorship team. The following are the responsibilities of the Sponsorship Team:

Shrema Singh
Sponsor Team Head

P: (91)- 7763015911

E: shremanishu@gmail.com

  • Promote Sankalp on fb- updates on account; share it in all the groups after few days regularly.
  • Send message to people on fb regarding donations, general talk- visit via groups.
  • Add friends on fb. Task is to reach maximum people. Ask teams like LDS, Ojass, CDS and others to share Sankalp on their page/group.
  • Message alumni on facebook or email to thank whenever they send donation. Then update sponsorship excel sheet. Write the name of alumni if new entry, else only update the amount donated in the respective month.
  • Analyze sponsorship excel sheet and see who we can approach from among existing members for funds.
  • Add all the new contacts to the mailing list.
  • Mail alumni about happenings at Sankalp, thank them for their kind support, and ask them for more donations.
  • Update finance report on facebook and send to alumni.
  • Mail sponsors the performance of kids, remind them to continue donation.
  • Update details of kids, alumni in records and on website.
  • Any other relevant updates on Sankalp website such as contact details, updating of names etc, addition of new children or sponsors.
  • Find new contacts, send them summary reports, academic report, and brochure. Ask existing donors if they know anyone who can contribute.
  • Collect list of email ID of passing-out batch from senior TAP. Send mail to them every two months to remind them about Sankalp.
  • Review status of funds in Sankalp, make an estimate of how long the funds are expected to last and ask finance team to collect funds accordingly.
  • Articles for print media, get it published.
  • Approach companies for funds. Make a short ppt regarding Sankalp which states current achievements, future plans, area of operation.