Mentors Team

There are mentors for each day (Mon - Sun). They are responsible for over-viewing of the day to day activities at all Sankalp centres. This includes checking of attendance registers, log books being updated, attendance of volunteers, strength of students in each class, dedication of teachers and others things.

Special Classes Team

This comprises of core members and are responsible for promoting beyond textbook learning on Saturdays and Sundays; they may take help from other members of Sankalp in accomplishing these tasks.

Academic Team

Suresh Kumar Pareek
Academic Head

P: (91)- 7209632032


The tasks under academic teams are listed below:

  1. Give task lists, training module, list of members in each team and academic calendar to all the teams. Ensure that it is given among juniors also.
  2. Remind everyone about digital work profile, every one has to report their work to their immediate senior. All have to report to one senior selected to maintain work-profile.
  3. See that the academic calendar is followed.
  4. See that attendance register of students is up-to-date and children are regular.
  5. See if any more books are needed in any of the classes. All books at Sankalp centres should be stamped with Sankalp seal.
  6. Monitor progress of school kids going to schools.
  7. Update list of volunteers. Remove names of volunteers who are not active anymore. Do this in consultation with other teams.
  8. Ask special classes and library team to conduct library and computer classes.
  9. Review maintenance of centres.
  10. Ask admissions team to check test results, select students for admission.
  11. Conduct exams, ensure result is properly maintained.
  12. Give all information needed by web team to update the website.
  13. Ask creative team for design of presentation, posters etc and upload it on website and facebook group.
  14. Prepare academic calendar.
  15. Induction of volunteers at the end of odd semester. Give them session on training module.
  16. Admission of new students in even semester. Re-admission in even semester, plus book purchase.
  17. Academic report at the end of even semester.
  18. Generate summary report at the end of year.
  19. Give the list of final members at the end of fourth year to President of NGO.
  20. Update the brochure of Sankalp.
  21. Pass on all important Sankalp documents and files to juniors.