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Sankalp Book Library Initiative:

Sankalp has established libraries for it's children to access free and easily access to the world of knowledge.Give the gift of literacy when you donate your used books to charity. So many of us have books piling up in corners, lining up along the floor, stacked in piles on desks, overflowing from our bookshelves. Help get your old or gently used books in the hands of people who need them by donating your used books to charity. Your used book donations can help a young child learn to love to read. Donating used books can support adult literacy programs, too. From seniors to young children, from the homeless to incarcerated populations, from your next-door neighbor to your neighbor halfway around the world — everyone benefits when you donate used books to charity.

How do I donate books?

Donating your used books is fast, free, and might even help someone cultivate one of the greatest gifts of all: a love of reading and learning. Sankalp family will help you find and donate your books to those who need them most. Sankalp will welcome your used book donations. Within minutes, you can schedule a fast, FREE pickup of your used book donations. Just call or email us any time and we will come and receive your kind donation.

ALL kinds of books are accepted

Most used book donations are gladly accepted. Donate used baby books and children’s books. Donate used textbooks so that students in a tight financial situation can keep up with their studies.

We are very thankful to you for your trust in us and supporting a noble cause.

Sankalp Family

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