Health Camp

A good health is very important for living a good life. Keeping it in mind we organize reguler health check-up camps for people living in nearby slums. It is organized with the help of several other social organizations as Brahmakumari Samaj and XLRI's Prayas. We provide medical consultation and free mediicines to poor. Our main purpose is to keep promote healthy and disease free society. We also organized a rally on cleaniness and health issues in the nearby area. Till date we have organised over 10 health camps in slum areas. Following are some of the activities we indulge ourselves in...

  • Surveying the slum areas and getting an overview of the major health related issues.
  • Organizing free medical checkup camps regularly.
  • Creating awareness about sanitation among the slum dwellers.
  • Providing guidance to the slum dwellers about their duties such as getting their child's birth registered.