Our centers

Sankalp is currently running at Eleven centers, 5 in Adityapur, 1 in Madhepura and 1 in Varanasi , 1 in Telco 1 in Dhanbad , 1 in Banka and 1 in Jamui ,Bihar with more than 250 active members and more than 700 kids benefiting from this initiative. At each centre, the schedule and routine to be followed each day, the volunteers who will teach each day, important contact numbers of seniors members of Sankalp, handy instructions are available. Each class taught has fixed study hours and children come to study at centres with energy and enthusiasm. At present total of 588 kids are studying at these centres and benefiting from this initiative. 15 teachers have also been hired on a permanent basis to help the volunteers in teaching the kids. All activities at Sankalp are carried out according the academic calendar for that session that includes regular exams, special classes, celebrations of festivals, monthly campaigns, teacher-volunteer-parents' meeting and many others . Each volunteer is also imparted training on "Teaching methods and practices as a Sankalp volunteer". The academic calendar and Training Module can be downloaded from "Other Downloads" section in the "Downloads" page.